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The beginning:

Dulces El Avión was created by Dionisio Castroviejo y Laureano Gómez. Our beginning stars in a basement in Avenida de Navarra, in the heart of Logroño. There were produced coffee and milk pastilles, a product typical of the city.

Do you know why we’re called El Avión?

The Recajo air base also opened in 1928. The children of Logroño could see airplanes for the first time. Could there be a better name for our brand?


Growing despite the difficulties

In a country devastated by civil war, pushing ahead with our company was a risky venture. Nevertheless, El Avión opened its first factory, where some processes became mechanised and our toffee catalogue expanded.

Where’s the milk?

Right after the war, the scarcity of raw materials was widespread. To continue making our toffees, we brought milk from Navarre in horse-drawn carts.


Change of generations

The shock begun in 1980s when Dionisio Castroviejo died at a younger age. His departure left a hard void to fill. The second generation joined the business, modernising it with new ideas like a large variety of toffees and chocolate-covered fruit.

At El Avión, we make our own chocolate with the best cocoa, selected according to our traditional recipe.

That’s what our brand sounded like

Would you like to hear a radio ad of the time?


We modernise!

We opened our second factory in 1972, equipping it with the latest technologies of the time. It was a time of expansion, when we added all the flavours of soft sweets and crystallised pastilles.

El Avión in the Himalayas

In 1979, the Navarrese expedition JUNNA wrote us from the Himalayas to thank us for the energy that our sweets had given them during their ascent. We felt like we were on top of the world…


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An odyssey in a new space

With the new millennium, we moved to our current factory, adopting new manufacturing, management and research technologies. The brand was in the hands of the founders’ grandchildren, with an eye on new trends and the international market.

Ready for the future

Our modern facilities in the La Portalada II industrial estate include an R&D department where we are constantly improving our production processes.