A tradition our firm at every beginning of the year.

All Christmas products with 50% discount.

Avión Fruit

All the pleasure of a sweet, but without the sugar

Pamper yourself and enjoy its pineapple, red berry, blackberry and marshmallow flavours any time of day.

Avión Vitamina C

Smile to bad weather

These lemon and orange pastilles are the sweetest way to put on a happy face in bad weather.

Because staving off a cold can also be fun…

The same bag with both flavors.



Much more than just a sweet

Enjoy the softness and the aromas of the cream, mocha and coffee-coffee varieties.

Our history We are the flavour of your best moments

What do love, friendship and those moments that should never end taste like?
In just one minute, discover the story that we have been writing for almost a century…

Historia de El AviónHistoria de El AviónHistoria de El Avión

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