The typical candies from Logroño city, the coffee and milk pastilles.

Avión Chic

Toffee turned into a bonbon

Undoubtedly the star of our catalogue. Much more than just a sweet, where our most emblematic flavour combines with the craft chocolate that we make ourselves.

Toffe Nata

Enjoy the flavour of cream.

Not a coffee lover? Don’t let that stop you from enjoying a good toffee.

Toffee Chocolate

Pleasure is served

The union of our two best-kept recipes. The toffee with which we made history and the chocolate we produce at our factory.

Our history We are the flavour of your best moments

What do love, friendship and those moments that should never end taste like?
In just one minute, discover the story that we have been writing for almost a century…

Historia de El AviónHistoria de El AviónHistoria de El Avión

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