La historia más dulce de la historia

Interesting facts about the history of toffee

The history of this delicious sweet has sparked much debate, leading to various theories in efforts to explain its origin. Historians can highlight some important events related to food history.

The word ‘toffee’ appeared in the Oxford English dictionary for the first time in 1825. We don’t know when the word was first used, but it is very likely that it existed before it appeared in the dictionary. There are few details about the origin of the word, which has been subject to much debate.

The word is believed to come from the word ‘tafia’, a West Indian rum made with molasses or sugarcane juice.

Different theories date the origins of this English sweet to the 19th century. Under slavery, the use of workers with no labour cost led to a steep drop in the prices of both sugar and molasses. As a result, the key ingredients necessary to make caramel were plentiful and easily affordable for the average person. Therefore, English female workers of the time created this delicious and affordable candy.