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Stand de El Avión de los años 50

How are you? They say that you are upset and beset by problems, but we at El Avión really like to see the glass as half full and prefer to focus on the brighter side of things. Is that because we are dedicated to making sweets? Of course. This is why we want to share…

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Interesting facts about the history of toffee

La historia más dulce de la historia

The history of this delicious sweet has sparked much debate, leading to various theories in efforts to explain its origin. Historians can highlight some important events related to food history. The word ‘toffee’ appeared in the Oxford English dictionary for the first time in 1825. We don’t know when the word was first used, but…

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Historia del toffee

From your own experience, you certainly know perfectly well what sweets are, but… do you know the history behind them? We will tell you briefly, so that you’ll remember each time you savour one. We’ll begin by saying that sweets come from a human need to be able to carry light, energy-rich and non-perishable food…

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